Melodie au crepuscule

This is one of my favorite tunes, and a magnificent performance. “Seul, je rêvais, ignorant et le monde et la vie, lorsqu’une voix nostalgique et profonde a troublé ces minutes d’oubli. Bonheur perdu, ce refrain me rappelle mes folies, Comme un plaisir insensible et cruel, c’est celui que m’apporte la … Continue reading

Starting a remote PowerShell console

Sometimes I want to pop over to a different machine in my PowerShell console. The Cmdlet ‘Enter-PSSession‘ works perfect for this:

Using the second method a PowerShell Credential Request window will pop up, asking you to enter the password for ‘Contoso\Administrator’: While this works nice, I figure it could … Continue reading


In order to launch my Powershell scripts I make use of a bootstrapper in VBScript. Reason for this is that we use a deploy mechanism that for some reason doesn’t wait for the powershell process to finish. Which would result in all powershell jobs running simultaneously. Below script launches the … Continue reading


A very typical ‘hot jazz’ piece, quite heavy on the ‘la pompe‘, but a very sublime solo by Django. I don’t think I’d ever be able to play this, not even at half speed or less.


I remember this song from when I was a kid. Never realized it was a Django performance until I came across it when exploring his music. It’s fabulous! Close your eyes and let the piano ease your mind, then have the sax soothe you, preparing you for the soft sounds … Continue reading


This function adds a new event to the Application eventlog. I’ve set a default event source, since in my situation the source remains the same, though the function allows specifying an alternative source. If the source isn’t registered yet, it will be registered.



In order to make my PowerShell software deployment scripts interactive, ie: giving the end-user the ability to postpone a software installation, or sending installation status notifications to the end-user, I’ve created this small function which displays a messagebox.

The function returns the value of the button clicked by the … Continue reading