Being satisfied with being able to easily export PowerShell objects directly to Excel I was wondering if I could do the reverse as well. Of course, importing from Excel would be rather arbitrary once you know how to export to Excel. Simply reverse the process. Basically that is true. However, … Continue reading


While I was happy with the existing Export-Csv Cmdlet I missed some of the Excel features, like autofit and autofilter. Sure, I can open any CSV file in Excel and then apply the autofilter and autofit to get what I want. But that would mean more clicking. So I thought … Continue reading

Active Directory Terminal Services properties

The default Microsoft ActiveDirectory module doesn’t really support reading or writing Terminal Services properties. As you can see from the following example:

On the other hand, the Quest ActiveDirectory cmdlets do support this. However, I prefer not to use third party add-ons if it isn’t absolutely necessary. So with … Continue reading

AD Function Template

At the moment I tend to write quite a lot of functions relating to Active Directory. As such I’ve created a small template script I can use for all these functions. In the first part of the template I include comments which can be displayed with the Get-Help Cmdlet.

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